The best ART SUMMER FEST is already underway

You can still JOIN the FUN

The best ART SUMMER FEST is already underway

You can still JOIN the fun



July 12 to July 31

It's an online Art Fest where for 20 days

you will be creating guided by 15 artists from different areas

of Mixed Media inspired by Flowers

Flowers serve as the inspiration to explore an incredible variety of techniques and projects, fostering play, and connection, and igniting your creativity


🌸 Connect with 15 artists who will share their skills, techniques, ideas, and feedback with you.

🌸 17 Different lessons with techniques and final projects;

🌸 10 Extra bonuses from our Artists;

🌸 20 days of connecting with an incredible engaging community that shares their creations and gives supportive feedback.

🌸 At the end, you have an incredible library of lessons and ideas to revisit again and again at your own pace.

You can still JOIN the FEST

Take a peek inside the Fest and get a glimpse of the inspirational fun and creativity

that is awaiting you!

Last year was like this ....

You can still JOIN the FEST




Creator and founder of the Flowers Magic Art Fest, Francisca, a mixed-media artist from Portugal, who draws inspiration from nature, vibrant colors, textures, and flowers. Her work expresses her unique perspective on nature through mixed media techniques.

Mixed media artist born in Lisbon, Portugal to a French mother and Portuguese father, embraces two cultures in her work. After discovering Bev Brazelton's "Altered Books Workshop" in 2006 at Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles, she found a creative community and a profound connection to herself and the world.

With an innate drive for creativity, Brooke has explored various artistic avenues, from sewing and quilting to mixed-media art journaling. Specializing in integrating texture into artwork through textiles and intuitive stitching, she guides others to trust their artistic intuition, finding fulfillment in shared knowledge and liberated creativity.

A stay-at-home mom turned art journaler/mixed media artist residing in Pennsylvania, she finds joy in thrift shopping and cherishes all things vintage. Infusing prayer and worship into her daily creative routine, she seeks to convey that art journaling offers a serene and secure avenue for self-expression and emotional release.

A mixed media artist from Northern Ontario, Canada, draws inspiration from nature's beauty and her boundless imagination. Through her art and workshops, both locally and online, she aims to unlock the creative potential within others and guide them toward self-discovery and positive transformation.

Initially not recognizing herself as creative, Helen Colebrook found her passion for creative journaling through her blog, "Journal with Purpose." This discovery transformed her daily life, sparking a new career path as an author, online teacher, and product designer. Helen collaborates with stationery and craft brands, demonstrating inventive applications of their products in creative journaling.

A textile, collage, assemblage, and book artist, excels in using found objects, old papers, and photographs, often found at flea markets. Her work focuses on crafting personal narratives by combining these materials with household or natural objects. Co-author of 'Artful Memories: How to Make Unique Art with Old Photographs

Jayne is a textile artist, who creates for renowned brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, blending techniques like applique and embroidery. Since 2020, she's shared her expertise through online courses and the No Rules Textile Society, fostering a creative community and encouraging playful exploration

An artist with a passion for capturing the natural world's beauty, blends collages, acrylics, and mixed media in her work. She infuses each piece with both appreciation and seasoned confidence, inviting viewers to connect with the stories embedded in her art through collected and found objects.

A UK-based mixed media artist and tutor, draws inspiration from bookmaking, art journaling, and nature. Residing on the edge of the Peak District National Park with her family, she teaches both in-person and online workshops, sharing her passion for exploring textures, colors, and vintage imagery.

A mixed media artist, author, and instructor known for her vibrant colors and distinctive repetitive art marks, finds inspiration in everyday moments. Encouraging artists to fearlessly pursue their passions, she authored "Paint Play Explore: Expressive Mark Making Techniques in Mixed Media" and has been featured in numerous publications.

A mixed media artist and teacher from Tampa, Florida, specializes in leading art workshops that foster self-exploration and creative freedom. Described by students as a rejuvenating spa for their creative souls, Shay invites you to join her in class for a liberating and enjoyable artistic experience.

A mixed media artist, who loves layers, hand-painted paper words, and thick vibrant paint. Stacy's style has evolved into a playful and whimsical expression influenced by teaching art to children. She delights in sharing her knowledge and encouraging others to embrace their creativity, finding joy in witnessing their rediscovered passion for painting.

An artist based in Inverness, her art focuses on painting and printmaking techniques, characterized by detailed layering. Inspired by nature, she uses blues, teals, and gold to create serene compositions, drawing from the natural world. She merges different mediums, combining uniquely layered hand-printed elements with encaustic wax.

An American mixed media artist and outdoor explorer finds inspiration in nature for her whimsical watercolor illustrations and intuitive art journals. With a passion for igniting creativity through exploratory play, she guides others to authentically express themselves in their artwork.

You can still JOIN the FEST



July 12th to 31st

17 Different Projects Exploring...

• Botanical Wax Collages

• Vintage photos collages

• Textiles mixed media patchwork

• Gelli printing with different techniques

• Hand dyed fabrics

• Fabric manipulation

• Weaving

• Floral still life using collages

• Art journaling

• Watercolors

• Eco-printing on fabric

• Printing Flowers on Fabrics

• Handpainted papers

• Collages and painting on canvas

• Assemblage

• Art journal make

Plus 3 days to...

Breathe, Connect, Share

Catch up on the lessons • Connect with the amazing Community • Connect with the Guest Artists

Share your work • Be featured and receive support

and to receive ...

10 Extra Bonuses from our Artists

Last year was like this ....

You can still JOIN the FEST

Last year was like this ....

You can still JOIN the FEST


Do you have any questions? We'll reply. Please read the FAQs. Still have questions? Contact us at

When do the tickets become available?

Tickets will be available at Early-bird price from June 14th to July 11th, 2024.

When does the Flowers Magic Art Fest start?

The festival starts on July 12th and ends on July 31st, 2024.

How long do I have access to the Fest content?

Participants have lifetime access to all Fest content. This includes guided creative sessions led by 15 artists specialized in Mixed Media, inspired by flowers. You can explore various techniques and projects at your own pace, fostering creativity and connections long after the Fest concludes. You can revisit all the content after the fest and get inspired throughout the year until the next edition

If I buy a ticket but cannot attend the lessons, will I miss the fest?

No. Your ticket will give you access to all the content of the fest after it ends, so you can rewatch all the lessons at your own pace.

Can I buy the tickets during the festival or after?

Yes, you can buy tickets during the Fest and afterward to get access to all the content. The ticket price during the Fest is $97, and the price after the Fest is $137

Why buy a ticket at the early bird price?

The Early Bird price offers an affordable ticket for the festival, granting access to all content with lifetime access. Once the festival begins, ticket prices will increase. As soon as you save your ticket you will have access to all the supplies list and downloads and be prepared for the fest.

How does the Fest work?

The Flowers Magic Art Fest is a 20-day online art festival where you'll engage in guided creativity led by 15 artists specializing in Mixed Media from diverse backgrounds. Inspired by flowers, the festival explores a wide range of techniques and projects, encouraging playful exploration, fostering connections, and igniting your creativity. Additionally, participants will enjoy access to several bonuses from our guest artists. All the fest is hosted on Teachable and you have access to a private Facebook group to.

Closed captions are available?

Yes, you have available closed captions in English and subtitles also in German

Hey! I'm Francisca Nunes

I'm the Creator and founder of the

Flowers Magic Art Fest.

I'm a mixed-media artist from Portugal, who draws inspiration from nature, vibrant colors, textures, and flowers.

My work results from my unique perspective of seeing nature and the result of exploring mixed media techniques with a preference for those that are based on natural elements.



It all started five years ago when I created an event called FLOWERS MAGIC. At that time, I shared a course on ecoprinting with flowers for use in art journaling, and it was a great success.

I repeated it the following year and invited two artsy friends to join.

The next year, we had the Flowers Magic Art Challenge, where for 20 days, six artists guided us through art journaling and mixed media play inspired by flowers.

Once again, it was amazing—beyond everything I imagined. The community, the happiness of people creating each day in their flower journals—it was incredible, and if you participated, you know that.

Last year, I transformed this amazing event into a Summer Art Fest!

I was inspired by the amazing music festivals we have here in Portugal all Summer.

I wanted to create a fest that connects people, art, mixed media, fun, and learning. All inspired by nature. All inspired by flowers. I did it!

We are celebrating the 5th year of Flowers Magic



You can still JOIN the FEST

You can still JOIN the FEST

You can still JOIN the FEST

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